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  • CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA: Christmas Home FragrancesCHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA: Christmas Home Fragrances

    Nothing says “Christmas” quite like the smell of gingerbread and Christmas tree – so why not enjoy it even more with Christmas candles and aroma diffusers? They’ll make it even easier for you to get into the festive Christmas spirit. Sweet ...


  • CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: New Fragrance? Why Not!CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: New Fragrance? Why Not!

    Looking for the ultimate gift that will never fail? A nice fragrance will be perfect, especially if you’re shopping for a woman. The right perfume brings out the wearer’s beauty, makes her confident and happier. And don’t forget that fragrance can ...


  • Best Fragrances for Winter 2018/19!Best Fragrances for Winter 2018/19!

    The first snow is almost here so there’s no reason to wait any longer – time to start looking for a new winter fragrance. Which ones are the best for the upcoming cold season? Read on to find out about our picks for both you and your partner. ...


  • CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: Christmas Gifts for Any Man You LoveCHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: Christmas Gifts for Any Man You Love

    It’s not easy to come up with a gift for your boyfriend, brother or friend. We might not be experts on their special interests, but we know what they need, so let us help you pick the right skin care or fragrance to make them feel more confident ...


  • CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Any SeasonCHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Any Season

    Win any man’s heart with only one look and make any woman wonder where you got your absolutely flawless eye makeup! No matter which of these eyeshadow palettes you pick, your eyes will be simply gorgeous (and really captivating). So, which palette ...


  • CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: Best Gifts for Her!CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: Best Gifts for Her!

    While some people know their girlfriend’s or wife’s taste well, there’s still a lot of those who struggle to pick the right gift. Do you know someone like that? Show them our picks, and maybe you too will find a nice gift for your own girlfriend, ...


  • Be the Center of Attention at any Halloween Party!Be the Center of Attention at any Halloween Party!

    Halloween is finally here, and with it a season of the most exciting, spookiest parties. So enjoy it to the fullest and forget about boring everyday makeup. Let your imagination run wild and put together a unique Halloween look complete with a ...


  • Korean Skin Care: 10 Steps to Flawless BeautyKorean Skin Care: 10 Steps to Flawless Beauty

    Korean women are famous for their beauty rituals using quality skin care. Every night they perform a 10-step routine of cleansing, hydration and treatment, and they try to prevent premature signs of ageing as best they can. Korean beauty is also ...


  • Review: The 5 Best Mascaras Review: The 5 Best Mascaras

    We asked beauty blogger Terry to pick her top five favourite mascaras, those she’s been testing for a while and she is happy with them. Is there your favourite mascara among these? The best mascaras 5. Avon True Colour This Avon mascara is the ...


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