We have prepared articles about attractive topics. Here you can read news about fragrances and beauty products. We provide advice on how to care for your skin and hair perfectly and which products to use. Let us help you decide when choosing the right perfume or beauty product.

  • Easy Hacks: Beauty Ideas for the SummerEasy Hacks: Beauty Ideas for the Summer

    Summer always tests your patience: you’re sweating, sun is drying out your skin and hair, your lips start to crack... What can you do? Try our easy hacks – some of them only require what you already have at home, some use products you’ll find at ...


  • Discover the Best Waterproof Mascaras Discover the Best Waterproof Mascaras

      At the beach, by the pool, at a party, on a difficult cycling trip, or on a hot summer day in the city, these mascaras will stay with you. They will never smudge, run, or otherwise betray you. Waterproof mascara is a summer staple – so which ones ...


  • How to Apply Foundation – Basic RulesHow to Apply Foundation – Basic Rules

    Getting Your Skin Ready You should obviously start with a moisturiser (or a combination of a serum + moisturiser) and a primer that will ensure your foundation stays on all day. You might like for instance the Collistar Make-Up Base Primer with its ...


  • The Right Foundation for Your Age and Skin TypeThe Right Foundation for Your Age and Skin Type

      The first part of our “Foundation Manual” showed you how to determine your undertone and choose the best shade of foundation. Now you just have to find the right texture and coverage that will be best for your age and skin type. In general, the ...


  • How to Care for Colour-Treated Hair?How to Care for Colour-Treated Hair?

      Everyone knows the feeling of leaving the salon with a brand new colour. The joy of a new look! The problem is that after a few washes, the perfect colour you’ve selected fades and your joy might fade with it. Want to know how to stop this from ...


  • Your Makeup Manual: How to Choose the Right Shade of Foundation?Your Makeup Manual: How to Choose the Right Shade of Foundation?

    Choosing the right foundation is one of the most difficult beauty tasks ever. The right shade should blend flawlessly into your skin and make it look beautiful instead of drawing attention to itself. So how do you pick the right one? And can you do ...


  • Let’s Celebrate the International Day of Women’s Confidence!Let’s Celebrate the International Day of Women’s Confidence!

      If you’re not sure how to celebrate the International Women’s Day, how about making this 8 March really special and celebrate it as an International Day of Women’s Beauty Confidence? That’s how we do it in Notino! Beauty and confidence are of ...


  • Most popular fragrance notesMost popular fragrance notes

      Do you buy your perfumes by brand? Or maybe you decide based on the perfumer or the colour of the bottle? As women, we like to pick our fragrances in many different ways, but going after specific notes might be the simplest one of them. So which ...


  • Makeup for Blue Eyes: Pick the Right Shades!Makeup for Blue Eyes: Pick the Right Shades!

        Blue eyes = blue eyeshadow? Some people still make this mistake, but blue eyes actually need some contrast to stand out. Let’s have a quick lesson about colour charts so that you can choose your makeup like a pro!   People with blue eyes ...


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