About Dior

Dior – an immortal symbol of elegance, beauty and femininity. One of the most exclusive French brands was founded in 1946 by the designer Christian Dior. His first collection, New Look, caused a revolution and entered the history of fashion. The first Dior perfume soon followed; inspired by his sister, Christian called it Miss Dior.


Dior perfumes are closely linked to France. Provence and Grasse provided Dior with endless opportunities for inspiration and he would say that in this place he felt just as much a designer as a perfumer. Grasse is in an excellent location between the sea and the mountains, and the Dior brand still grows jasmine and roses, for instance – unique flowers with exceptional fragrances that are used in Dior cosmetics – in that very place.

In the Dior creative laboratories in Paris, individual perfumes are made from over 2500 ingredients. The ingredients are carefully selected from the best manufacturers all over the world. Classic perfumes are complemented by the refined, authentic and sophisticated Dior fragrances of the Dior Private Collection, which are handmade with the highest emphasis on traditional craft production.

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