Erbario Toscano Home FragrancesLahjasetti II.

Erbario Toscano Home Fragrances Lahjasetti II.
Erbario Toscano Home Fragrances Lahjasetti II.
Lahjasetti II.

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Black Pepper Aromihajotin Täyteaineella 100 ml + Smoke Of Opium Aromihajotin Täyteaineella 100 ml + Salis Aromihajotin Täyteaineella 100 ml

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Tuoksun kuvaus Erbario Toscano Home Fragrances

The Erbario Toscano Home Fragrances aroma diffuser is a pleasant way to make your interior spaces smell great. The aroma diffuser contains a refill that, with the reeds inserted, gradually evaporates into the air, creating a truly homely scent in your room.


  • a spicy aroma
  • a floral fragrance
  • a herbal aroma

How to use:
This aroma diffuser is supplied with a refill. You can also increase the intensity of the fragrance in the room by turning the soaked reeds occasionally.


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