Kenzo Homme Boisée Eau de Toilette for Men

  • Kenzo Homme Boisée Eau de Toilette for Men

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    Description of the perfume Kenzo Homme Boisée


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    Top notes

    Mint, Basil

    Middle notes

    Rosemary, Pepper

    Base notes

    Cedar, Vetiver

    Kenzo Kenzo pour Homme Boisée is a strong woody-spicy fragrance for men. Is elegance and luxury what you're after? Are you not satisfied with mild fresh perfumes that just fade within a minute? Then go for the rich tinge of wood delicatedly spiced up which remains on your skin for incredibly long. Kenzo pour Homme Boisée reflects the glow of true manliness, and its velvet-like brown flacon precisely depicts the aroma as such. Sensual elegance and style - that's another from the line of amazing potions of manly strength and energy by Kenzo.

    At first you will be taken by surprise by a distinctive combination of basil and icy fresh mint which draws all the attention to you. Its heart contains a slightly spicy cocktail of rosemary and pepper. Its soft and warm subtle tones of vetiver and cedar soothe your mind and make you feel self-assured and relaxed like never before.

    Kenzo perfumes are inspired by the free spirit of young people and pure power of nature. Try these strong and intoxicating floral and fruity aromas in combination with spices and precious wood from all over the world. Kenzo perfumes offer characteristic perfumes for both men and women to satisfy mainly those who are not afraid to face every day obstacles and like to act in a self-confident and direct way. Order Kenzo Kenzo pour Homme Boisée and nothing can ever take you by surprise again. You'll become a courageous and determined man whose unique style and elegance will become just famous!

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    About the brand Kenzo

    Kenzo fragrances | Kenzo was founded by a Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada in Paris in the beginning of the 70s and soon started to gain success. The legend goes that Kenzo Takada fell in love with fashion while browsing through his sisters’ beauty magazines. The determined young man ended up following his dream despite protestations from his parents, because he just couldn’t cope with an ordinary life.

    The Kenzo fragrances came about years later, specifically in 1988 with the Kenzo de Kenzo collection. Today, Kenzo perfumes are famous all over the world for their inimitable aromas and distinctive character. Among the most popular Kenzo fragrances are the green and fresh Kenzo Parfum d’Été or the modern urban oriental for men Kenzo Tokyo.

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