MEDIBLANC Whitening Toothpaste With Whitening Effect

  • MEDIBLANC Whitening Toothpaste With Whitening Effect
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    Description of the product MEDIBLANC Whitening



    Cosmetic quality



    What makes MEDIBLANC Whitening unique? MEDIBLANC Whitening not only whitens your teeth, removes all impurities and sediment and keeps your breath fresh for a long time; it also represents a combination of unique processes and ingredients, which cannot be found in any other toothpaste and thanks to which you can enjoy the feeling of perfectly cleansed teeth.  What is more, it is extremely gentle towards your oral cavity.

    Its basic principle is a three-phase process. 

    Phase 1 - Wetting

    The usual amount of time spent on dental hygiene is a couple of minutes. During this relatively short period the tooth surface should be moisturised, rich foam should be created and the active ingredients, which capture plaque and leftover bits of food, should be evenly distributed.  This is why MEDIBLANC Whitening contains foaming substances which have excellent wetting ability and make the cleaning process efficient. Moreover, the active ingredients can rise through capillary action, which enables them to reach badly accessible areas of your mouth! The unique formula of MEDIBLANC Whitening can prevent the growth of micro-organisms, which helps eliminate halitosis. 

    Phase 2 – Effectiveness of Ingredients and Care

    The maximum whiteness of your teeth is guaranteed thanks to dental micronized silicates.  Thanks to their special design / they do not have sharp edges / and size / just 10 microns on average/ tooth enamel is not damaged / the abrasiveness is low/ and the whole process is extremely gentle towards tooth enamel and your teeth will be absolutely clean without any damage. Furthermore, the functionality of the silicates is based on the fact that every particle captures up to two times the amount of impurities of its own weight! This is how the maximum brushing effectiveness is achieved.  To improve enamel protection and strength, we also used calcium phosphate in its micronized form, which makes the process of storing minerals in teeth more effective, i.e. mineralization becomes faster.  This process can take up to 5 minutes with common toothpaste!

    Phase 3 – Long-lasting Freshness

    Compared to any common toothpaste, MEDIBLANC Whitening guarantees an extra long-lasting feeling of freshness, which you can enjoy long after brushing.  This toothpaste contains micro-encapsulated ingredients of natural sweeteners, menthol and peppermint in a patented formula, which help to be gradually released during the whole process of brushing, so that the feeling of freshness would not disappear after a couple of seconds after brushing.

    MEDIBLANC Whitening toothpaste also provides gentle care for your oral cavity. It does not contain any artificial sweeteners, SLS/SLES or irritating preservatives.  Without fluoride, peroxide, without parabens.  Does not cause dry mouth. If you use MEDIBLANC Whitening regularly, you will achieve maximum cleanness, protection and whiteness, which cannot be offered by any common toothpaste, and you will have the feeling of perfectly brushed teeth. 


    • perfect whitening for your teeth thanks to special silicates
    • cleans badly accessible areas of your mouth
    • strengthens tooth enamel
    • eliminates halitosis
    • guarantees a long-lasting feeling of freshness
    • provides the feeling of perfectly brushed teeth
    • provides gentle care of  your oral cavity thanks to natural ingredients


    • micronized silicates - unique particles 10 microns in size, which capture up to two times the amount of impurities of their own weight  They are extremely gentle towards tooth enamel, which is thanks to the fact that they do not have sharp edges.
    • micronized calcium phosphate - makes the process of mineralization faster and more effective.  Strengthens and protects tooth enamel.
    • Patented formula of natural sweeteners, menthol and peppermint in the micro-encapsulated form, which is released gradually and guarantees long-term freshness after brushing.


    Apply a pea-sized amount on toothbrush at least twice a day.

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    About the brand MEDIBLANC

    MEDIBLANC | The unique MEDIBLANC dental hygiene products combine revolutionary technology with exceptional results. Only MEDIBLANC contains all the known natural active ingredients as well as systems of cleansing and protection to create a singular, effective line of products.MEDIBLANC offers solutions for teeth whitening, sensitive teeth, and bleeding gums (periodontitis). Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients and a special 3-step system, MEDIBLANC always treats the problem rather than the symptoms.MEDIBLANC products are especially gentle and suitable for long-term use, because they don't contain any irritants or otherwise harmful ingredients.

    The MEDIBLANC products do not contain:

    peroxides fluorides irritant preservatives synthetic sweeteners parabens free of SLS/SLES

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