Persil Color Lavenderwashing gel

Persil Color Lavender washing gel
Persil Color Lavender washing gel
1000 ml

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Product description Persil Color Lavender

Take only perfectly clean, stain-free laundry out of your washing machine with Persil Color Lavender gel detergent. The freshness, fragrance and cleanliness will remain, from taking it out of the machine until you put your favourite item of clothing on.


  • suitable for colours
  • penetrates deep into the fibres and removes even the most stubborn stains
  • keeps colours bright
  • protect clothing against losing its shape
  • does not leave any deposits on your clothes

How to use:
Follow the instructions on the label for how much gel to put in the compartment of your washing machine as specified by the manufacturer. For hand washing, put the amount of gel in the sink with water according to the instructions on the label. Always read the washing instructions on the label.

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