Real Techniques Prep + Prime SetBrush Set

Real Techniques Prep + Prime Set Brush Set
Real Techniques Prep + Prime Set Brush Set
Brush Set

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Foundation Brush 1 kpl + Exfoliating Brush 1 kpl + Cooling Eye Roll-on 1 kpl + Exfoliating Brush for Lips 1 kpl


Type of set
Economy Pack

About the brand Real Techniques

p>The Real Techniques cosmetic brush brand was founded in 2011. These high-quality brushes were developed by professional makeup artists Samantha and Nicole Chapman. The respected makeup artists, who have worked for brands that include MAC, Estée Lauder, and Chanel, have had a fondness for cosmetics since their childhood.
The Real Techniques brushes designed by Samantha and Nicole Chapman combine hi-tech materials with innovative shapes to achieve perfect makeup. The brushes are made using synthetic bristles that are unbelievably soft and are manually rounded.
The collection includes brushes for foundation, powder, blusher, and eyeshadow and brushes especially for smoky makeup, shading, and contouring, as well as sets of cosmetic brushes.

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