American Crew Shaving

Precision Shave Gel

American Crew Shaving Precision Shave Gel
American Crew Shaving Precision Shave Gel
150 ml

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Product description American Crew Shaving

American Crew Precision Shave is a transparent, non-foaming shaving gel for soft to normal facial hair which ensures clean and smooth shaving. It prevents creation of air pockets that are often formed between the complexion and razor and are a frequent cause of cutting. It is suitable also for a detailed work.

Easy shaving with a non-foaming gel by American Crew is the right choice for you!


cools down
prevents irritation of skin

pumpkin seeds extract – contains zinc as an excellent source of minerals
aloe vera gel – hydrates, cools down
grape oil – regeneration and hydration effects, protects organism from free radicals
vitamin E – natural antioxidant prevents ageing of skin

Type of facial hair:
Normal to soft.

Apply on face moistened by warm water. Apply a thin layer of gel on facial hair and shave as usual.


Complexion type
all skin types

About the brand American Crew

American Crew – a revolution in men’s grooming. American Crew was founded in 1994, when the stylist and barber David Raccuglia decided to bring about a revolution in men’s grooming and styling. Today, skin care and hair products are sold in almost 60 countries worldwide, characterised by undeniable quality and effectiveness.
David Raccuglia, a distinctive figure in the world of high style, tirelessly helps men’s hair stylists and barbers move their services to a whole new level with the American Crew brand. The philosophy behind this is the knowledge that more and more men are becoming interested in how they look, and this trend of men working on their image permeates all age and demographic groups.
American Crew is not just a lifestyle brand and supplier to beauty salons. It is a milestone in the history of men’s grooming and the leading salon brand created for men specifically to meet the needs of professional stylists. It prides itself on its innovation and constantly pioneering the latest styles. American Crew loves professional hair styling and celebrities and its representatives include those who set the tone and trends in men’s grooming.
American Crew will never forget that its job is to provide men and their stylists with the tools they need to create stylish, masculine looks every day.