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What is hygge?

It could be an evening with friends over a glass of wine and with the wonderful aroma of scented candles. It could also be those blissful moments cosying up with a good book and a cup of delicious tea, surrounded by a soothing scent of lavender or lemongrass... Sounds amazing? This is what hygge represents.

Hygge is the Danish art of happiness. The word could be translated as comfort, peace and cosiness. Hygge is not about waiting for your happy moment, it’s about creating your own. How? Through the smallest things that make your everyday life special.

Light a catalytic lamp or melt a piece of scented wax, surround yourself with beautiful Scandinavian decor, play some soft and pleasant music, treat yourself to something delicious and sink into a sea of pillows. Everyone can create the right hygge home for themselves. You can start with our hygge candles and you’ll soon find yourself falling in love with the Danish lifestyle.

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