Moroccanoil Style

Hairspray Strong Firming

Moroccanoil Style Hairspray Strong Firming
Moroccanoil Style Hairspray Strong Firming
330 ml

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Product description Moroccanoil Style

The Moroccanoil Style hairspray keeps your style in place and gives you total control over your hair.


  • firm hold
  • gives your hair vitality and shine
  • does not leave a residue and combs out early
  • gives total hold for all hair types and styles

How to use:
Spray onto dry hair from a distance of 30 cm. Spray directly onto the roots to achieve maximum volume.



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About the brand Moroccanoil

The birth of Moroccanoil hair care had been inspired by its founder Carmen Tal's trip to Israel where she visited a local hair salon. After the hairdresser managed to repair her damaged hair with a special oil treatment, Carmen wanted to know more about this mysterious product, leading her to start her own company.

All Moroccanoil hair care now contains this special ingredient - argan oil - a natural substance rich in vitamin E, which makes it an ideal additional treatment for any number of skin conditions.

The first (and for some time only) product of the brand, Moroccanoil Treatment, was later joined by a whole range of hair care for all hair types.

In the short time that it's been on the market, Moroccanoil became incredibly popular with customers and is now one of the leading brands offering high-quality hair products based on argan oil.

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