Brazil Keratin HomeCosmetic Set I. (For Unruly Hair) for Women

Brazil Keratin Home Cosmetic Set I. (For Unruly Hair) for Women
Brazil Keratin Home Cosmetic Set I. (For Unruly Hair) for Women
Cosmetic Set I. (For Unruly Hair) for Women

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Brazil Keratin HOME Hair Treatment 150 ml + Clarifying Purifying Shampoo 150 ml

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Product description Brazil Keratin Home

How to apply:
1. wash hair with SHAMPOO CLYRIFYING 2. Towel dry hair. 3. Apply a small amount of keratin HOME (shake thoroughly before using keratin) and comb through hair, do not rinse! 4. blow dry your hair. 5. Divide hair into sections and apply on hair evenly with 2 layers of  keratin HOME. Proceed same as with a hair dye. Each section, comb the product through so its  applied evenly across the length of your hair. 6. allow 15 minutes to act, do not rinse! 7. dry the Hair with a hair dryer and the use of a brush. 8. use hair iron straightener on each section about 2-3 times according to your need, at a temperature of 180°C.  9. wash your Hair after 24 hours after the  application.


Type of set
Economy Pack
Hair type
unruly hair

About the brand Brazil Keratin

Brazil Keratin cosmetics | Brazil Keratin is a luxury hair care brand that is exceptional for the high percentage of keratin in all its products. Brazil Keratin uses the extraordinary restorative and nourishing properties of Brazilian keratin, which is also unique for the large amount of nutrients and vitamins it contains. Brazil Keratin products restore the health, softness, shine, and strength of your hair. Their use can help you solve problems with both damaged hair and a sensitive scalp.  
Brazil Keratin has a wide range of exclusive products which are unique not only for their high keratin content but also other original ingredients such as chocolate, gold, and argan oil. Brazil Keratin is exclusive hair care that is perfect for both home and professional use.

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