Luxury hair care without compromise

Made by professionals for professionals. The premium American brand Alterna has been offering top-quality hair care since 1997 so that you no longer have to compromise between professional, clinically tested products and environmentally friendly formulas.
Alterna finds inspiration in science and the latest innovations in skin care. The brand focuses on the formulas as well as a feeling of luxury while introducing the world of hair care to ground-breaking alternative technologies.

Natural. Reliable. Professional.

Alterna products use rare natural ingredients such as caviar and bamboo. They’re completely free of harsh synthetic substances, and you’ll notice their effects from the first use.

Caviar extract
the best for your hair comes straight from nature

The caviar contained in Alterna products comes from Siberian sturgeons who live in the rivers of South France. This caviar is obtained through sustainable methods and it’s one of the richest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Caviar extract replenishes moisture inside the hair shaft, provides elasticity, and gives your hair a brilliant shine.

for a youthful appearance of your hair

The unique patented complex is based on scientific findings in the field of skin care which help reduce signs of ageing in the hair strands. The formula combines caviar extract with nourishing ingredients and antioxidants which protect hair from damage, ensure a healthy appearance, and give your hair new energy.

Restructuring Bond Repair
say good-bye to damaged hair

The Restructuring Bond Repair hair care line was created specifically for weak and damaged hair. Thanks to the exclusive Caviar Bond Enforcing Technology, these products seal the hair shaft, strengthen hair cuticles for up to 10 washes, and demonstrably reduce split ends by 99%.
Feel as though your hair has been reborn and try the renewing Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Repair shampoo for weak hair along with the renewing conditioner and treatment from the same line.