Cacharel Lou Lou

Eau de Parfum for Women 50 ml

Cacharel Lou Lou Eau de Parfum for Women 50 ml
Cacharel Lou Lou Eau de Parfum for Women 50 ml
Cacharel Lou Lou Eau de Parfum for Women 50 ml
50 ml

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Cacharel Lou Lou
50 ml | 53,30

Fragrance description Cacharel Lou Lou

Cacharel Lou Lou is a distinctive oriental-floral perfume perfectly suitable mainly for cold autumn and winter weather when it can develop undisturbed. Created in 1987, it has become one of the best-selling perfumes.

The composition of Lou Lou is based on the magic aroma of Tahitian flower Tiaré. At first, the essence of this beautiful flower is refreshed by the fruity aroma of bergamot and spiced up by the aroma of anise and nutmeg flower. Its heart is surrounded by a big number of aromas of other flowers, while its base is formed by vanilla, sandal wood, musk, and cedar to make the fragrance deep and fine and to emphasize its oriental character.

The resulting composition is very distinctive and evokes various emotions, but definitely not indifference. Lou Lou is thus a very controversial perfume, and thanks to its oriental character it's also mysterious and provocative, making a dangerous and seductive impression. This aroma perfectly attacks all your senses.

And it's directly designed for the women who like to cause a sensation. When wearing this perfume, you'll feel sexy and just irresistible. The aura of mysteriousness surrounding it makes this perfume even more attractive, and the aroma emphasizes sensuality and passion.

This aroma is ideal for daily use during the day or in the evening. Lou Lou will put you in the spotlight so it's suitable rather for social events when it turns you into a true star.


Base notes
Benzoin, Frankincense, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla
Middle notes
Heliotrope, Orange Tree Blossom, Orris, Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang
Top notes
Anise, Black Currant Leaves, Cinnamon, Iris, Jasmine, Lily, Mimosa, Plum, Violet
Fragrance category
floral, oriental

About the brand Cacharel

Cacharel fragrance | The brand Cacharel was conceived and created by Jean Bousquet in the city of Nîmes in 1962. The son of a sewing machine vendor, his interest in the world of fashion had begun early on. He started designing women’s clothing and soon opened his own business. After his university studies he came back to Paris to create his own fashion house in the attic of his house in Marais.

Cacharel fragrances take their inspiration from the ideas of traditional femininity, they’re fresh, energetic and colourful. Their typical trait is the combination of both old customs and modern trends which sets them apart from other brands. Try for example Scarlett, the youthful floral scent inspired by Scarlett Johansson.