Escentric Molecules Molecule 02eau de toilette Unisex

Escentric Molecules Molecule 02 eau de toilette Unisex
Escentric Molecules Molecule 02 eau de toilette Unisex
100 ml

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Fragrance description Escentric Molecules Molecule 02

Molecule 02 is an ambroxan fragrance for women and men by German producer of niche perfumes Escentric Molecules, which was founded in 2006 as a challenge.  Berlin designer Geza Schoen decided to enter the market with a concept provocatively reacting to the way perfumes were created and sold at the time. His aim was to destroy the myth surrounding this whole process. Each perfume by Escentric Molecules is absolutely unusual and provocative.

Escentric Molecules perfumes are extraordinary mainly because they are always created in pairs where one of the fragrances is a synthesis of various ingredients (the way most people understand the concept of perfume-making), while the other is a tribute to a single note (aromatic molecule) which determines the character of this synthesis. In case of Escentric Molecules Molecule 02, this is an ambroxan element, the best-smelling component of ambergris, one of the most ancient aromatic ingredients. The author of Molecule 02 used a corresponding aromatic molecule. This eau de toilette - in harmony with the concept - was  thencreated together with Escentric Molecules Escentric 02 eau de toilette, which is formed by ambroxan in high concentration with other ingredients.

The aroma of Escentric Molecules Molecule 02 has very long-lasting effects to accompany you with its pleasant, velvet-like, warm, mild, and pleasantly sweet aroma all day long. Molecule 02 is suitable for any season and for both day and night occasions, making you feel absolutely exceptional anytime. Besides its beautiful, almost incredibly long-lasting aroma, Molecule 02 enchants you also by its package. Its beautifully designed flacon with a characteristic motif of number 2 is complemented by a colorful box. Thanks to its high quality and undeniable originality, Escentric Molecules Molecule 02 is perfectly suitable for all those who love innovative perfumes, and it's also a great gift for the men and women around you who you know would appreciate absolute uniqueness.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 02 – an exceptionally long-lasting and absolutely unique eau de toilette for those who love originality and like to discover new things.


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About the brand Escentric Molecules

When they were first launched in 2006, Escentric Molecules perfumes became an absolute worldwide phenomenon. Their success lies in their totally unique composition, which is often built on the strength of a single component of the fragrance. This minimalism makes the Escentric Molecules scents highly unusual.

Escentric Molecules celebrates perfumery like the art of chemistry. The aroma molecule of Iso E Super, the key ingredient of these niche perfumes, was created in laboratories as far back as in 1973.

However, the perfumery world neglected it until it was completely isolated by the Berlin perfumer Geza Schoen. He created two fragrances – Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 and Escentric Molecules Molecule 02 – which this special fragrance component combines.

Escentric Molecules niche perfumes are long-lasting and are made for people who like to find extravagant and original things. Their novel aroma conjures up a once-in-a-lifetime story for every individual’s skin.

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