Puhdistus, seerumi, levitys ja päivävoide – aloita ja lopeta joka päivä lyhyellä rituaalilla kauniille ja terveelle iholle. Kauniin ihon salaisuuden löytäminen on paljon helpompaa kuin luulet. Aivan kuten harjaat hampaitasi joka aamu ja ilta, sinun tulisi tehdä puhdistuksesta ja nesteytyksestä osa päivittäistä ihonhoitorutiiniasi. Löydä tarpeisiisi sopiva ihonhoito ja tutustu ihonhoitorutiinin neljään perusvaiheeseen.

Cleansing and Makeup Removal

Thorough makeup removal and cleansing are the basis of daily skin-care routine. Without them, your skin would not be able to absorb the necessary nutrients, and you’d soon suffer from clogged pores.

Choose a makeup remover according to your skin type. Oily and combination skin will benefit from a gel cleanser that can be removed with water. Dry and sensitive skin requires a makeup-removing lotion or oil applied with a cotton pad to clean off all impurities. Finish up by cleaning off the residue with a toner, and you can proceed to step two. 

All for Cleansing and Makeup Removal

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Exfoliator and Mask

Include an exfoliator and a face mask in your daily routine at least once a week. First, remove dead skin cells, promote circulation, and speed up skin regeneration by using an exfoliator. Apply to a wet face, massage using light circular motions, then rinse off.   

Follow by using a mask with a high content of active ingredients that give your skin maximum care. Choose a face mask according to what your skin currently needs. Does it require more hydration, or do you actually need a black cleansing mask for problem skin?

Find the Best Exfoliator or Mask

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Face Serum

A serum has a lighter and more delicate texture than a standard day cream, which allows it to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, prepare it for the application of a moisturiser, and enhance its positive effects.
Gently pat the serum into clean skin with your fingertips and give it enough time to absorb. Only then it’s time for the final step of your daily routine.

Find the Best Serum

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Skin Cream

A mattifying cream for oily skin, a soothing one for sensitive skin, and an anti-wrinkle one for mature skin. A good day cream moisturises, nourishes, and combats imperfections such as acne or hyperpigmentation. Pick the right one for your age, specific issue, and skin type.
Every morning and night, apply a moisturiser to your face, neck, and décolleté. A night cream will regenerate and nourish your skin, while a day cream makes it radiant, protects it from external factors, and prepares it for makeup. Your daily routine should also include a special eye cream and lip balm. Now you can enjoy the feeling of healthy and glowing skin!

Find the Right Cream

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